A charity campaign for the Crisis Center in Peshtera has been launched by Fund IGA

"Peonies" by Eleonora Hadjinikolova
“Peonies” by Eleonora Hadjinikolova

Crime Prevention Fund – IGA and Crisis Center for Persons and Children Victims of Violence – Peshtera organize a charity campaign to raise funds to improve access and conditions in the social service.

The Crisis Center is housed in a building without an elevator, on the fifth floor, which makes it extremely difficult to access the service. This is especially problematic for people and children with physical disabilities, including wheelchairs. The construction of the elevator is not within the budget of the Crisis Center, so the management of IGA and the team of the Center launched a charity campaign to raise BGN 30,000 – the amount needed for its construction. All donors will receive donation certificates, and the funds raised will be used solely for the purpose of the campaign.

You too can join the campaign by donating an amount according to your wishes and capabilities.



Donation account:

IBAN: BG39 BUIB 9888 1039 6407 02



Holder: Foundation “Crime Prevention Fund – IGA”

Donation “To improve access to the Crisis Center – Peshtera”


For more information: 0877 900 263, 0893 455 930, 0898 533 247

e-mail: office@iga-bg.org