The „Invisibles We See”




Implementation period: November 2020 – September 2022

Source of funding: Trust for Social Alternative

Leading organization: IGA Foundation

Amount of the provided grant: BGN 123,467.40

Main goal of the project: To increase the opportunities for vulnerable pregnant women and mothers with children up to 3 years of age to obtain address registration and identity documents.


– Pregnant women and mothers with children 0-3 years without address registration and identity document among the most vulnerable and poor groups of people, as well as children aged 0-3 years.

– The families of these women and children – the people who live in one household.


  1. Project management:

Objective 1. Good coordination and successful project management.

Objective 2. To implement reliable monitoring and tracking of progress.

  1. Collection of evidence and / or analysis of available evidence on the advocacy issue and its solution:

Objective 1. To obtain and investigate additional information, evidence and possible solutions to the problem.

Objective 2. To analyze and systematize the collected data and information.

  1. Communication strategy and plan for its implementation:

Objective 1. To develop visual identification and communication tools.

Objective 2. To gather additional information on the problem.

Objective 3. To develop information materials.

Objective 4. To establish good interaction with stakeholders and partners.

Goal 5. To establish good interaction with the media.

  1. Advocacy, coalition building and partnerships:

Objective 1. To build reliable and supportive interactions and partnerships with other organizations and coalitions.

Objective 2. To draw the attention of key stakeholders and institutions to the problem of address registration and to create conditions for finding and finding a solution.

Objective 3. To support the efforts of the “With care from 0 to 3” Network.

The support of the Funded Party IGA Foundation is provided by the Trust for Social Alternative Foundation. The statements and opinions expressed herein belong solely to the Funded Party IGA Foundation and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Trust for Social Alternative Foundation or its partners.