Awards, Memberships and Participations

Regional Fund - IGA won a prize about contribution to the freedom of information sphere.!!!
The prize woes in the category "NGO, who used most active the law for access to social information". The competition woes organized by the Access to Information Programme. The award woes given during the ceremony in hall "Mati" in National Palace of Culture in Sofia on 28 September 2004. The Access To Information Program marked for second time the International Right To Know Day. Woes given charters and prizes for the contribution to the freedom of information sphere in six categories. The decision 28 September to reported as International Right To Know Day woes taken in 2002 Year in Sofia during the international conference, organized from the Access To Information Programme. The NGO-s from 15 states established The Advocate Network for Freedom of Information. The Advocate Network has a basically aim to approve the standards in the sphere of access to information.