Rab.sreshta K4 17.12.2014The third working meeting with institutions for the social services managed by Fund – IGA took place yesterday in the office of the organization. After those in the Crisis Centre for People and Children Victims of Abuse – Peshtera and together with the team of Component 4 of Programme “Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS” this one was between the Centre for Social Rehabilitation and Integration of Offenders – Pazardzhik, the institutions and organizations which are its partners, and representatives of Fund – IGA. The project, the achieved results, the conducted inquiries and researches, the unsolved problems, the coordinating mechanism and others were presented and discussed at the meeting.

Rab.sreshta ZSRI 17.12.2014The aim of the working meetings is to improve the capacity of the organization in the delivery of social services to people of vulnerable groups, to increase its capacity to maintain high quality of the delivered services as well as its potential for further development of the services and its partnership in individual cases from the network and the system partners.

The meetings are part of Project “Capacity Building for the Future”, which has been co-funded by the Swiss Confederation through Reform Fund Linked to Civil Society Participation and implemented by Crime Prevention Fund – IGA. By the middle of next year such meetings will have been conducted under all delegated activities and social services delivered by the organization.