Regional Fund - IGA, Pazardjik won an international award! Personally Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal presented the International Community Justice Awards!


Regional Fund - IGA was the only non-government organization that won the prestigiousInternational Community Justice Award 2004.

Award for Fund – IGA, handed from the mayor of Madison, Mr. Jerry Gist /USA/, for “demonstrated outstanding ability in your chosen field of endeavor, and have worked for the welfare and progress of Bulgaria” 2007

Award for Fund – IGA by Sofia municipality for “development of an effective model for inter-agency cooperation during the implementation of European projects in partnership with Sofia municipality” 2007.
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NOVINA1 29.02.2016Eight judges with experience in applying the measures under the Law for Protection against Home Abuse and four applied scientists from Fund – IGA took part in a training seminar within project “Against the Invisible Violence”. This is the second training within the project whose aim is to further develop the topic.

Apart from presenting the achieved results for the past period the programme included lectures, presentations, and discussions. The activity of the Bureau for consulting, directing, and support of victims of abuse and perpetrators was presented and its specific results were analyzed. Until the end of January 37 victims of violence and 6 perpetrators of violence have been registered in the Bureau. The experts from Fund – IGA have conducted with them 30 psychological consultations, 8 juridical consultations, 5 mediations with family couples, and 4 people have been directed to Crisis Centre.

The Bureau for consulting, directing, and support of victims of home abuse was created by Fund – IGA within the past two projects of the organization. It resumed its work with clients in May 2015 and all specialists from the organization who work there have undergone the respective necessary training. They have experience in working with victims and perpetrators due to three other projects which had been implemented in the last 5 years by Fund – IGA.

The following topics were presented and discussed in the programme "Is domestic violence visible or invisible", “The Object/Subject of domestic violence - prerequisites, nature, personal features, behavioural features”; “More about the perpetrator and the victim – aspects of aggression and victimization, the transition in roles”, “Presenting the experience from court cases on domestic violence: District courts – Pazardzhik, Velingrad, Panagyurishte, and Peshtera”, and “Final Discussion”.