ProjecPress DNt “Programmes and services for prevention and protection of domestic violence” was presented at the press club of the Bulgarian News Agency on 28 May. Its main goal is to decrease the acts of domestic violence and the negative consequences on the victims and society and to turn Fund IGA into a centre for assisting and supporting victims of domestic violence in Pazardzhik Region.

The Project activities include: Delivering psychological, social, and legal support to victims of domestic violence and rehabilitation services to perpetrators of domestic violence; Conducting preventive programmes and consultations for victims of domestic violence: social, psychological, and legal mediation; Behavioural rehabilitation group programme for support of victims of domestic violence; Programme for support of victims of domestic violence with an element of sexual abuse; Visits for consulting victims of domestic violence in populated areas in Pazardzhik Region; Developing Specialised programme for perpetrators of domestic violence and Risk assessment of repeated victimisation;

The project implementation will continue until the middle of October when a Closing conference for reporting on the results will take place.

The project is implemented under Contract for non-remunerated financial assistance 93-00-154/21.05.2019 with the Ministry of Justice.