Regional Fund - IGA, Pazardjik won an international award! Personally Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal presented the International Community Justice Awards!


Regional Fund - IGA was the only non-government organization that won the prestigiousInternational Community Justice Award 2004.

Award for Fund – IGA, handed from the mayor of Madison, Mr. Jerry Gist /USA/, for “demonstrated outstanding ability in your chosen field of endeavor, and have worked for the welfare and progress of Bulgaria” 2007

Award for Fund – IGA by Sofia municipality for “development of an effective model for inter-agency cooperation during the implementation of European projects in partnership with Sofia municipality” 2007.
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Turski-proektA seminar about the social and professional reintegration of juvenile delinquents in the juvenile justice systems in Bulgaria and Turkey took place in the conference hall of Grand Hotel "Hebar" - Pazardzhik. The guests presented the current situation of the juvenile justice system in Turkey. Professionals from Bulgaria and Turkey exchanged experience and ideas for improving the juvenile delinquents’ conditions. Among the participants were representatives of local institutions and organisations concerned with the topic of juvenile justice and child protection.

Before the forum, the guests from Turkey visited the headquarters of Crime Prevention Fund - IGA and got introduced to the team and the activities of the organisation.

Project “Afresh" is implemented by the Turkish Foundation TCYOV in partnership with Crime Prevention Fund - IGA and the Italian Association II Vergante. The goal of the project is to examine the possibilities for improving the juvenile justice processes in Turkey and the juveniles’ reintegration in society.