716A literacy programme for individuals released from places of imprisonment was launched in August. Seven of the individuals receiving the service CSRI were approved for the literacy course after expressing willingness to take part in it.
The programme of the training consists of 100 hours including activities for acquiring knowledge in Bulgarian language and literature, mathematics, “Man and nature” and “Man and society”. The activities take place in Belovo from Monday to Friday and they will go on until the middle of December when the individuals will take a test to assess the acquired knowledge.
The training of the individuals released from the places of imprisonment already has its positive results. Almost all of them have acquired the minimum of knowledge which enriches their literacy, broadens their world view and is a prerequisite for their further reduction of the risk of possible recidivism. The literacy course is part of the integrated social service CSRI for individuals released from places of imprisonment and it is presented within the frameworks of the project “Piloting of an innovative social service Centre for social rehabilitation and integration of individuals released from places of imprisonment”.