KoprivshtizaAfter the success of the theatrical play “Cold Heart” by Wilhelm Hauff prepared by the children from the CSRI to support children to develop skills for independent living and to prevent risky behavior – Plovdiv as a reward was organized a one-day trip to Koprivshtitsa for the participants in the play. The artists were children form HCDPC “Rada Kircovich” and HCDPC “Maria Louiza”- Povdiv.

They visited the museum in Apriltsi, the bridge of “first shot”, the house-museums of Dimcho Debelianov, Todor Cableshkov, Luben and Petko Karavelov and ethological museum “Oslekova kushta”. With great interest they listened to the guide’s lecture and visited the exhibitions on lives and deeds of the heroes of The April Uprising and of the renowned writers in Bulgarian literature.

The walk through the old streets of Koprivshtitsa and the pictures taken contributed for the good spirit of the children.

The guide of the trip was Valentin Adjelarov - a social educator and director of the play in the CSRI.