Meetings with the teams under project “RESTART – a new strategic vision of IGA”

The planned structured meetings with IGA’s teams were held during the past month. Their goal was to discuss the successes achieved, to make proposals for change and development, to share about the difficulties and challenges. The meetings focused on dialogue and frank sharing of opinions of IGA’s employees. Participants were given the opportunity to offer ideas for the future of the organization.

In addition to the teams, similar meetings were held with IGA’s partners, clients and other stakeholders. The purpose of these interviews was to get an idea of the current external image of the organization – how it is perceived by those with whom IGA interacts, as well as the prospects of these partnerships.

The results of all meetings will be summarized and analyzed. They will add new aspects to IGA’s White Paper project.

The meetings, structured interviews and conversations contributed to achieving the main goal of the project: agreement on the direction in which to develop the organization in the long run.

The project “RESTART – a new strategic vision of IGA” is implemented with the financial support of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Financial Mechanism.